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Debts Owed To NPCs


Caterina owes Christopher Wong for killing a werewolf that was attacking her

Catarina owes Father Stephen 2 debts for trying to help her

Jeong owes Robert for not arresting him for vagrancy


Jeong owes Joey for access to a safe house

Jeong owes Kate for preventing her from shooting Handsome


Azalea owes King Leonidas for the magic needed to heal Caterina

Azalea owes Ryo for warning her about the Sybarites coming for her

Azalea owes Zaid for cleaning

Catarina owes Murmus 4 debts as part of regular business (including demonic transformations)

Catarina owes Susan Anderson for explaining why the Seven Stars want all of Murmus's people dead

Jeong owes his Daemon (Togolosh) 2 debts for bringing him back

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