Some of them want to use you…
Some of them want to be used by you…


In San Francisco, the term for "supernatural being," including mages, is "kin." Everyone is "kin," even angels and demons, though they're sometimes called "distant kin."


888 Enflamed Verses of the Empty Concordance (WILD): Called simply "Triple Eight" by most, this is a very touchy group of dragons and other Chinese kin that are not comfortable in other factions.
Asphalt Duchy (WILD): An upstart court of twisted urban Fae. Enemies with the Court of Flowers.
Committee of Vigilance (NIGHT): A powerful, conservative faction of ghosts, mostly 19th century ghosts that were in the original Committees of Vigilance in San Francisco. They hate vampires, demons, and the Chinese.
Court of Flowers (WILD): The traditional Faerie Court in San Francisco. Enemies with the Asphalt Duchy.
Dragon's Tail (MORTAL): A powerful group of Scholars that operate mostly out of Chinatown, specializing in arcane tomes. They may not be wizards themselves, but they control a lot of objects of occult power.
Hourglass (NIGHT): A locally powerful faction of vampires, originally founded by Barbary Pirates who were hiding out near San Francisco.
L'église de la Peur (NIGHT): A group of animalistic vampires that are very powerful in North America in general, but have only recently gotten a foothold in San Francisco. They are rivals to the Sybarites and not as powerful as them.
Phantom Justice (MORTAL): A group of dangerous mortal Hunters that hide behind masks.
Seven Stars (POWER): The wizards of Chinatown. Not to be trifled with. It is rumored they are allied with dragons. 
Silver Staves (POWER): Hermetic mages. Very conservative, powerful supporters of the Council of Four.
Spooks (NIGHT): A sort of "catch all" faction of ghosts in San Francisco, covering any ghost not in another faction. Led by Emperor Norton.
Sybarites (NIGHT): A group of hedonistic but ruthless vampires that are very powerful in North America in general, but have only recently gotten a foothold in San Francisco.
Temple of the Second Sun (POWER): An Egyptian cult that claims to be attempting to resurrect Ra, the sun god.

There are other sub-factions not listed above.


* The Chthonic Tavern: Neutral ground for kin. Literal underground bar, made from a buried pirate ship. Council of Four meets here.
* The Grand Temple: Giant multi-floor nightclub, NW of Oakland Bay Bridge, big hunting ground for vampires and similar.
* The Goddess Shrine: Major pagan church, between Japantown and Little Saigon, south of Nob Hill.
* Fort Gunnybags: Surprisingly near the Grand Temple is the former HQ of the Committee of Vigilance. There's nothing there now, unless you can see dead people… and dead buildings. The "modern" Committee of Vigilance has its HQ in the ghost building.



There are things that the Heaven and Hell provide that the kin want, despite the danger involved. Cathedral Hill, known to the kin as "the Embassy," is where the Council of Four allow representatives of Heaven and Hell to exist in the city.

No actual demons may be summoned in San Francisco, but the Tainted are allowed in profusion, so long as they reside in Cathedral Hill. Even so, only Tainted who represent certain demons, such as Murmus and Abaddon, are allowed. Since Heaven has nothing like the Tainted, a single angel represents all of Heaven in Cathedral Hill, the nameless Angel of Peace.


Two rich districts have lots of kin:
1. Richmond District (NO VAMPIRES allowed)
2. Russian Hill (some vampire factions allowed)

Kin can be found anywhere, but other neighborhoods they are most commonly found, or no longer found in, are, in no particular order:

1. Chinatown (any Chinese kin, plus some Hourglass vampires)
2. Cathedral Hill (as mentioned above, representatives of Heaven and Hell are expected to stay near here)
3. Sunnydale (anything, especially Hourglass vampires, high crime area)
4. Haight-Ashbury (ghosts, any mages, and shifters)
5. Bayview-Hunters Point (anything, especially Hourglass vampires, marginalized human population)
6. Dogpatch (actually doesn't have kin anymore, even mages, due to gentrification)
7. Castro District (Emperor Norton has declared this area off-limits since it became a symbol of LGBT activism — he didn't want the kin interfering with it)
8. Eureka Valley (not a lot of kin, but notable in that while it includes the Castro District, it has other LGBT areas that Norton allows kin to visit)
9. Fisherman's Wharf (ghosts, faeries, and Hourglass vampires)
10. Forest Hill (Chinese faeries)
11. Japantown (Japanese versions of the various Chinese sub-sects (too small to stand on their own, though they'd like to), shifters, Japanese vampires)
12. Lone Mountain (ghosts, shifters)
13. Glen Park (faeries, shifters)
14. India Basin (Asphalt Duchy faeries)
15. Marina District (Hourglass vampires)
16. Mission District (faeries, L'église de la Peur)
17. Panhandle (faeries, shifters)
18. Telegraph Hill (faeries, shifters)
19. Tenderloin (anything, high crime area with high prostitution rate)
20. South Park (high tech faeries and mages, younger Sybarites)
21. SoMa (controlled by the Hourglass, all kin welcome) 


A ghost, a wizard, a zhulong, and a werewolf created the Council of Four in 1882. Of those four, only the ghost, Emperor Norton, still exists, and is still on the council. The council exists to keep Heaven and Hell's cold war from turning hot in San Francisco, and generally limit their influence. Therefore, angels and demons aren't represented, and neither are humans, though Emperor Norton sometimes unofficially represents their interests.

The council's only job is to protect San Francisco's supernatural community as a whole from Heaven and Hell. It has no power otherwise, though it is often used to informally discuss issues. Within that area of influence, however, by the Pact of 1882, its power to rule is absolute. The Pact of 1882 has some supernatural ability to enforce its provisions, and the physical location of the original document, which is the source of the magic, is only known to Emperor Norton.

Vampires are latecomers to San Francisco. A handful of Barbary Coast pirates were vampires, eventually forming an anarchic local faction called the Hourglass, but other vampire factions came in from other cities during the 1920s, after decades of fighting the Vigilance Committee, ghosts who wanted to keep the city as vampire-free as possible.The compromise was that the vampires didn't get their own seat, instead being represented by Norton as part of the Dead.
Since the 1990s, the vampires have been agitating for their own seat, to modify the Pact of 1882 to allow for a Council of Five. This push has been led by the Hourglass, and it's the only thing all vampire factions tend to agree on. They have yet to get their way, however, and a lot of the rank-and-file vampires like Norton. 

This situation has held, with some bumps here and there, until the present day.

Seat of Earth: THE DEAD (NIGHT)
Council Rep: Emperor Norton

Seat of Fire: MAGES (includes Oracles, Hallowed, and Wizards — POWER)
Council Rep: Joshua Carter 

Seat of Air: FAE (WILD)
Council Rep: Shu Yang

Seat of Water: SHIFTERS (NIGHT)
Council Rep: Hazel Douglas


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